What this novice writer is learning

There are many different approaches to writing. I’m discovering that there are authors who insist that only their way is correct and offer classes or paid boot camps to teach this method.  My experience has proven that this is a red flag. I recently had a bad experience that was very stressful and beat some of my writing enthusiasm out of me.

Writing a perfectly grammatically correct first or second draft of my manuscript (MS) does not work for me. I am very intelligent and have a graduate degree. My grammar tends to be good. But I have a learning disability similar to dyslexia. I read a bit slower than most people but I often think faster than I can write or type and will skip words, use wrong words, or include extra words. Then during the editing process, I don’t see some of these errors. I have to literally read aloud every sentence.  For a recent boot camp I was spending hours editing small chunks of writing instead of getting the story told.

The result of this was loss of enthusiasm and feeling stressed and frustrated.

That method of learning to write “clean” works for many other writers. There is nothing wrong with that approach. It just doesn’t work for  me.


Published by: siennabloom

I am a new author, currently working on the Northern Bliss series. These books are erotic romances set in a small town on the shore of Lake Superior that explores the growth of domestic discipline as couple after couple discover it's benefits.

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One thought on “What this novice writer is learning”

  1. If you find what works best for you, then stick to it and don’t be swayed by other people’s methods (including mine!). I understand some of your problems as my godson (now 28) is severely dyslexic, and I used to help him to read when he was a little boy. I am lucky in that English was my top subject at school, so I know that what I write is grammatically correct. However, I often have doubts about form and content, and whether my books are any good. However, I just plough on, in the hope that they will improve with each one I write. I don’t think any writer believes that they are the best that they can be. Keep at it, and I look forward to seeing your first book published.


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