June 15, 2015 Discipline

I find it interesting that I am so very attracted to Domestic Discipline as a genre. Discipline or living a disciplined life has been something I have spent my entire life being interested in and striving toward. However, for long stretches of time, I have lived an undisciplined life. The last several months have been some of the worst.  I have been writing but not in a disciplined manner. There are so many other things I am not getting done so many goals not achieved.

I currently have no one who will “crack the whip” (or warm my ass) to help me become more disciplined. I think that is my appeal for this genre. It is romance and self improvement combined with Alpha men that make me weak in the knees.

I am determined to focus more on self discipline. That means less on line time. I signed up for a July Nanowrimo camp so I want to spend a great deal more time writing in July and counting numbers. It is also the last of my leave time from work. I will be back to work before the end of July (if all goes well.)


Published by: siennabloom

I am a new author, currently working on the Northern Bliss series. These books are erotic romances set in a small town on the shore of Lake Superior that explores the growth of domestic discipline as couple after couple discover it's benefits.

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