50 Shades of Grey

I never read these books. I hate books written in first person POV and I refuse to purchase them. Even if they are free I don’t read them. Once in a while I will accidently buy one written that way and since it’s not the author’s fault, I’ll take the loss and won’t return it but I don’t read it either.

Last night, I decided there was so much fuss about this novel. So many references to it that I could only guess about so I decided to get the movie. I really liked the movie but mostly because I like that Ana refused to join Christian’s lifestyle. Then there was the scene.. the scene were she agrees to a punishment and then breaks up with Christian.

Spoiler alert:

I have a scene in which this happens between Caitlin and Jonathan. I wrote it before I knew it was in 50 shades. Of course, what I wrote will be different. It is a completely different story except for this one tiny similarity. I suspect that there are other books that have included a female MC not agreeing to something like this but I have not read it before.  I think since so many books have that the female MC agrees to everything, and acts like it’s what she wants, and that isn’t considered stealing, mine isn’t as well.


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I am a new author, currently working on the Northern Bliss series. These books are erotic romances set in a small town on the shore of Lake Superior that explores the growth of domestic discipline as couple after couple discover it's benefits.

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6 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey”

  1. I despise first person writing as well, and have no desire to read these books mostly because the hype turns me off. I also think I’m probably a little jealous that someone fell into such fame and fortune doing what I love!

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  2. If you refuse to read first person POV books, how do you know that they are no good? Give one a try, you might enjoy it. I believe that Ashe Barker, who is a superb writer, has often written in first person, as have I, and many other writers. Just because a writer uses first person, they are not talking about themselves. They are speaking as the character, and the writer can delve much more deeply into the mind and psyche of the character than they can in third person. Try a few and then judge.


    1. Hi Rachel, I have read first person POV and as I have written elsewhere, the writer is talking to me rather than letting me get immersed in the story. It’s like there is a client in my office and I’m at work. I would rather get immersed in the story and become the character which I can do when written in 2nd person (he/she) past tense.


  3. By refusing to read first person POV, you’re depriving yourself of some well-told stories – mysteries, for instance, which are often best in first person. I agree about the hype part, but that applies to other POVs as well. The POV is less important than the ability to tell a good story.


    1. Hello Charles. The problem I have with first person is that it feels as if the writer is talking to me and telling me the story. It’s as if they are in my office recollecting what happened to them. I want to be immersed in the story and I can do that when it is told in second person past tense.


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