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Friday June 12th. Personal post. A few weeks ago a family physician told me I had two serious heart conditions, one of which could cause me to die suddenly. She referred me to a cardiologist but in the meantime I was really frightened. Somehow, I had this sense she was wrong, but figured I was just wanting her to be wrong. Well, she was wrong! I have two “borderline” conditions, one of which is congenital and I have had my whole life and didn’t know, the other is likely caused by my asthma and I need to take better care of the asthma. “You are more likely to die from the asthma than from the heart issue.”  It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the situation was just as I intuitively knew it was. I’m OK. It is important to value every day of life. That is the lesson learned though.


Published by: siennabloom

I am a new author, currently working on the Northern Bliss series. These books are erotic romances set in a small town on the shore of Lake Superior that explores the growth of domestic discipline as couple after couple discover it's benefits.

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